Vietnamese Holiday Celebrations for Expats

As an expat in Vietnam, immersing yourself in the local culture is a rewarding experience, and there’s no better way to do that than by participating in the country’s vibrant holiday celebrations. At, we believe that understanding and embracing these festivities will greatly enrich your time in this beautiful country. So, let’s dive into some of the most significant Vietnamese holidays and how you can join in the fun!

Tết – The Vietnamese New Year

Gathering ingredients – Families come together to prepare
Chung cakes for Tết.

Tết, or Vietnamese New Year, is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It’s a time for family reunions, paying respects to ancestors, and welcoming the new year with hopes for prosperity and happiness. During Tết, you’ll witness colorful decorations, lively markets, and the exchange of lucky money in red envelopes.

To fully experience Tết, try the following:

  • Visit a local family and participate in the traditional rituals
  • Join in the festive atmosphere at a flower market
  • Enjoy traditional Tết dishes like bánh chưng (sticky rice cake) and mứt (candied fruits)

Mid-Autumn Festival

Star lantern artistry – Delicate paper cuts create beautiful
designs on star lanterns.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a delightful celebration that takes place on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. It’s a time for children to carry colorful lanterns, families to gather and enjoy mooncakes, and communities to come together in the spirit of togetherness.

To make the most of the Mid-Autumn Festival:

  • Join a lantern parade in your neighborhood
  • Savor the variety of mooncakes available during this time
  • Attend a lion dance performance, a symbol of good luck and prosperity

Hung Kings’ Temple Festival

Vibrant dragon dance – The dynamic dragon dance brings energy and good luck to the festival.

The Hung Kings’ Temple Festival is a national holiday that honors the legendary founders of Vietnam, the Hung Kings. Held annually on the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month, this festival is a time for Vietnamese people to express their gratitude and pay tribute to their ancestors.

To participate in the Hung Kings’ Temple Festival:

  • Visit the Hung Kings’ Temple in Phu Tho province
  • Witness the solemn rituals and offerings made by pilgrims
  • Enjoy traditional performances and games held during the festival

Experiencing Vietnam as a Female Expat

Giving back as a team – Female expats volunteer their time for a Vietnamese community project.

As a female expat in Vietnam, you’ll find that the country offers a unique and enriching experience. Vietnamese women are known for their resilience, hard work, and grace. They play a vital role in the family and society, and their contributions are celebrated during various holidays and festivals.

One of the most significant celebrations for women in Vietnam is International Women’s Day, observed on March 8th. On this day, women are honored for their achievements and contributions to society. It’s common for female employees to receive flowers, gifts, and even a half-day off work.

Engaging with local women during these celebrations can provide valuable insights into Vietnamese culture and help you form lasting friendships. Don’t hesitate to join in the festivities and show your appreciation for the remarkable women in your life.

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