7 Interview Tips That Will Assist You Get the Task

Here are job interview suggestions to assist prepare you to talk to successfully. Appropriate prep work will help reduce some of the stress involved in job interviews and the more you prepare, the more comfortable and effective you will be speaking with. 1. Practice Practice answering interview questions and practice your responses to the normal Read more

7 Tips to Revamp Your Job Look for 2016

7 Tips to Revamp Your Job Look for 2014 Experts visualize the job market being more competitive than ever in 2014. With 10.9 million Americans out of work, it is important to take a fresh look at your task search method. Now is the perfect time to establish a reliable prepare for success. How can […] Read more

Japan’s Sleep at Work Culture

Sleeping at work is so common in Japan that there’s a word for it in Japanese — Inemuri (居眠り). To properly understand Japanese culture you need to look at Japanese ideas about sleep. In Japan, people get respect for giving their best (for pushing themselves to exhaustion). Therefore, showing how tired you are is a […] Read more

What do you say about your previous company after quitting job?

The past is a part of your personal brand. Therefore, your old company had some bad things which you speak ill of, like as to blacken your own resume. CafeBiz would like to send the readers series “What do recruiters think of?”. These are the advices and tips from the recruiters, which are very useful […] Read more

10 essential skills in the work

1. Information – communication Skills Communication is very important in working and sometimes it is the deciding factor of your success. Information skills is the ability to communicate effectively in thinking, imagination, papers and over the phone. It’s related to listening, building faith and respecting to other’s opinions. 2. Read more

Working with Japanese people

Japan is entirely developed from capital and human resource. Working and business cultural mainly make up their success.  Japanese enterprises which are operating in Vietnam are increasing. Workplace culture of Japanese people has unique characteristics in the eyes of Vietnamese employees. Japanese people are famous for diligence and carefulness. Read more